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Platinum Series IP67 rated Speaker Mic with 3.5mm water sealed earphone jack.

IP67 version of our top selling IMPACT™ HD3 speaker mic is built super tough to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. Crystal clear audio, standard 3.5mm accessory jack and Kevlar™ re-enforced, RF shielded coil cabling. The ultimate OEM alternative at great savings!


  • IP67 rated
  • 8 position, locking clothing clip. (replaceable)
  • Professional grade
  • Environmental PU cable with Kevlar™ re-enforcement
  • High quality components for superior audio
  • Heavy duty strain relief
  • Standard 3.5mm, water sealed, accessory jack
  • Three year warranty

“Honestly man, these are the best mics we’ve ever had. We used to have to put a sock over the mic to keep the weather out during filming and keep clear comms but I’ve never had to do that with the HD3 mic and these things take a serious beating and keep working!”

David Barr-Yaffe,


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