How well is your school prepared for an emergency?


Nothing is more reassuring than knowing children are protected while attending school. However, when an emergency situation occurs at a school, it leaves us wondering: Was the school able to communicate effectively? How can the police react faster? If the information from the school is not communicated clearly and quickly, it prolongs the time of reaction. First responders must gather all existing data in a matter of seconds. Those initial first moments of communication and data gathering could be the difference between life and death.

We rely on cell phones for our every day communications needs – talking, texting, emailing, checking Facebook, even shopping, but your cell phone is unreliable in a crisis. Chances are you have experienced issues with connecting calls to the network at some point. Imagine that occurring during an emergency. Instead of staff members trying to alert each individual employee of the incident, they could spread the information with the touch of a button. Communication to first responders, as well as other employees, is critical in a time of distress.

Is your school district prepared to act fast and efficient? Do you know the plan for emergency communication in your district? Is your safety protocol up to date?

Two-way interoperable radio communication provides a safe way for school employees to stay connected as well as interact with local police for prompt communication in the event of an emergency. Radio system solutions can help communication in an emergency situation efficiently and seamlessly.

The use of cell phones in emergency situations are extremely useful to contact 911. However, an array of information coming from multiple sources can be confusing to first responders, which can delay the response time.

Police officers can instantly receive information on the exact location of those affected by the crisis with two-way radios. They would also allow staff to communicate with each other safely throughout the school. By instantly communicating to many, the school staff have a better chance of handling a crisis while staying informed.

Considering limited school funding, cost associated to communications can be an added strain on district budgets. Icom America provides reliable and efficient radios systems that are tailored to your specific needs and financial situation.

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