The Need for Two Way Communications

This past weekend I saw the Jurassic World movie for the first time. Just as in all Jurassic Park movies, what starts out as an exciting journey with the possibility of viewing real live dinosaurs soon turns into a disaster.  In the movie, a couple of boys are sent to the park by their parents during the holidays.  A dangerous new dinosaur escapes as they are riding one of the park’s exciting attractions and the characters are unaware of the danger around them.  When their aunt tries to contact them using a cell phone, the signal is unreliable and the call ends up dropping.  While it was a great dramatic effect for the movie, it brings to light the need for two way radio communications.

f9011t_firemanIn the real world, emergencies occur outside of cell coverage.  Emergencies trigger people to call their loved ones to check on their safety.  As impressive as cell phones are, when emergencies arise, their signal is often unreliable and can become overloaded, making it a poor form of communication.

In the movie, two way radios were used as a means to communicate between the command center of the park and the rescue crew.  The reliable signal enabled them to communicate and track down the dangerous dinosaur.  However, reliable communication isn’t just for the movies in the world today. Emergency personnel depend two way communication solutions to keep people safe.

Natural and man-made disasters are occurring more and more these days and it is always our hope that we are sufficiently prepared for them.  The most important thing we can do to make sure we are ready for emergencies is to be adequately prepared and have the ability to communicate.  Icom America provides a full line of reliable two way radios in Land Mobile, Marine, Avionics, and Amateur to help you communicate in any emergency situation.